The Decorating Song

에피소드 Her parents에서 나온 노래.


케챱 버터 빨강 노랑
무지개콘 부모님
처음 뵙겠습니다
제가 바로 따-님의 남친
과거의 전쟁은 잊어주세요
알록달록 집꾸미면
무지개콘 부모님도
알록달록 사탕 젤리
칠해 알록달록
바닥에서 천장까지
내가 개라는 건 절대 비밀


Adventure Time Decorating Song – Toon Tunes Songs Cartoon Network00:26

Adventure Time Decorating Song – Toon Tunes Songs Cartoon Network

The Decorating Song

F&J Ketchup! Mustard! Red and yellow!
J Lady's parents, I say hello!
I'm the fellow for your daughter
Please forget the wartime slaughter!
Home improvement, decorations.
Help me impress her relations.
F Sugar Bears, and rainbow jelly.
J Spread those colors on my belly!
F On the floor and up the log.
J Please don't notice I'm a dog!

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